Enduring the Storm

The clouds are dark, there is thunder in the distance and the heavens are just moments from opening up. As the first few drops start to fall, I think “I really don’t want to get wet. This is going to ruin my plans. My hair is going to be so frizzy. It will be so humid after this.” Notice how there isn’t one positive thought in there? Not one good thing to say for something as cleansing and invigorating as a summer rain.

Rain brings renewal. Storms make you thankful for the sunny days and the calmness that follows. Still, when you are in the midst of your own personal storm it’s almost impossible to have the foresight to anything beyond those dark clouds.

God brings us trials and storms in our life to make us stronger. To teach us lessons. So we come out on the other side stronger than we were before. His timing is absolute and perfect in all things.

The next time the rain threatens to ruin your plans. Or things look more daunting because of the storm that is brewing in your life, as soon as that first negative thought creeps into the back of your mind counteract it with two positive thoughts. Always look for the good. If you are always looking for the sunshine that is peaking out from behind the clouds you will soon notice that your negative thoughts have completely ceased.

Happy Sunday!

What are some positive thoughts that about the storms in your life right now?