Something to Write About

There are no less than 10,000 thoughts that go through a woman’s head every hour. Did I put the laundry in the dryer? Do I have what  I need to cook dinner? When am I going to find time to finish all of the things I have going on? As women we are in this together and I hope by sharing my tips, tricks, successes and failures I will be able to give you ideas to make your life simpler, or at the very least offer humor and inspiration in your day!

This week I have been working on trying to stay away from my husband. Yes, I have been trying to keep my distance because he appears to have gotten the flu. We took him to the doctor on Monday and they did a flu test and it came back positive. (Eeeek, I know!) We both have just been being lazy and trying to stay as healthy as possible over the last couple of days. Thankfully the Doctor was kind enough to give me Tamiflu as well so maybe I can avoid getting sick all together! I have my fingers crossed that it works.

I have gotten a chance to start using and learning more about the Cricut Expression that Kyle got me last week. I have been wanting a Cricut for the last couple of years and he found an amazing deal at a local store in Murfreesboro. I have been playing with it over the last couple of days and I cannot wait to share some of my future projects with you!

Until next time!